About us

Our missionDirect laryngoscopy
is to enhance patient safety by teaching and implementing Crisis Resource Management (CRM) principles in Airway Management for multidisciplinary medical teams. Our overall goal is to create an highly informative, safe and enjoyable learning environment to make our courses as effective as possible.


SAMT team

     portret B vd Berg                        Micha Erwteman                                   

Bas van den Berg                               Micha Erwteman, MD                      Dick van Groeningen
Anesthesiologist                                  Anesthesiologist                               Nurse Anesthetist

   Ludmilla Garmers                             

Ludmilla Garmers, MD                 Patrick Thoral
Anesthesiologist                             Internist-Intensivist

                         Sandra Kaper

Anne van Wijk                                Sandra Kaper
Nurse Intensive Care                    Nurse Intensive Care

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