Simulation based Airway Management Training in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Many incidents and complications in acute medicine are caused by problems securing the airway (1). It is essential for Anesthesiologists, Intensivists and other specialists in acute medicine to have extensive exposure to airway management training.

Recent developments in the field of airway management, for example, video assisted laryngoscopy, call for structured and intensive training. However, training in technique and equipment alone is not sufficient as studies show that not only techniques need to be trained, learning to work as a team is crucial for success. This concept is called Crew Resource Management (CRM)(2).

The SAMT course offers the unique opportunity to combine technical skills and CRM in a safe learning environment. SAMT offers a custom made course for every participant, taking personal experience and individual learning needs into account. In small groups, participants will actively practice and interact with experts in both regular techniques and novel devices. These skills will then be used during team training on full-scale simulators (Laerdal SimMan). All scenarios will be debriefed by instructors trained both in airway management and CRM.

This two-day course is designed for both Anesthesiologists, Intensivists and residents in both specialties. For Anesthesiology residents, it is required to have a minimum of two-year’s experience. For non-Anesthesiology ICU fellows, a minimum of half a year of experience is required.

We hope to offer you two instructive, educational and enjoyable days. The SAMT-team looks forward in welcoming you to Amsterdam!

On behalf of the SAMT-team,

Dr. Ralf Krage, Anesthesiologist
Drs. Micha Erwteman, Anesthesiologist
Dick van Groeningen, Nurse Anesthetist


1 Buckley TA, Short TG, Rowbottom YM, Oh TE. Critical incident reporting in the intensive care unit. Anaesthesia. 1997 May;52(5):403-9.
2 Gaba D, Howard, Fish KJ, Smith BE, Sowb YA. Simulation-based training in anesthesia crisis resource management (ACRM): A decade of experience. Simulation & Gaming. 2001 June;32(2):175-93.



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